When I was approached by Here I Am Agency to design their logo, one of the needs they wanted to address was the idea of creating attention. Here I Am focuses on branding and marketing for their clients. They liked the idea of something like a lightning strike, or some kind of 'a-ha' iconography. We discussed things like lightning strikes, but also spotlights. 
Team members of Here I Am are also great music lovers, enjoying live concerts as well as live sporting events.
Another element we wanted to address was having a logo that could be used effectively in social media profiles.
I approached the sketching and experimenting process in my sketchbook and Adobe Illustrators with these parameters in mind. The idea of the spotlight being some part of the "H" felt like a direction that could give Here I Am the solution to their logo. I tried using one half of the "H" as the spotlight. 
The solution that we came to was having the "H" itself partially in the spotlight to create the idea of stepping out onto stage and into an audience's attention.
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